UP 6 Week Programme go-ahead

There’s been a lot of work going on behind the scenes at UP. One project that I have been creating is a 6 week UP programme to be delivered to NHS patients. The beauty of the programme is that whilst the content is based upon the latest thinking in pain and associated scientific fields, the actual practices and tools are really simple.

The aim of the UP Workshop is to help people to understand (their) pain and to lead fulfilling lives. This is achieved by following certain principles during day to day living, towards a picture of success.


Currently we are towards the end of the design phase. This involves deciding upon the content and how it will be layered week by week. Whilst the aim is to deliver knowledge, skills and know-how, we will also be measuring the effects together with a cost analysis. Such data will be important for scaling the Workshops to address the huge problem of chronic pain that exists in society (€441bn per year, SIP).




Workshop for CRPS a great success

Understand Pain & Pain Coach Workshop ~ Bath, 2017

“Thank you very much for today. It was a real privilege to attend”

I was delighted that we filled all the places and had to add several more for the CRPS workshop on Monday. It was an excellent afternoon with a really engaged group, keen to understand and know what they can do to move onward. That is the premise for Understand Pain and Pain Coach Workshops, where we deepen our knowledge of pain so that we can focus on what we CAN to be successful and get results.

This was the first UP & CRPS UK workshop at Royds Withy King in Bath, and based on the demand and feedback, we will be rolling out future dates across the UK. We will also be extending the workshops to a day so that we can have even more experiences of success together. The day is all about taking action and having the experience of what that is like, driving and motivating change in your desired direction.

The popular practices we looked at included the mindful practices that can be used in different ways to create calm, insight and focus, the ‘check in’, and journalising. We followed the way that I do in sessions with people 1:1, starting with the vision, strengths and values. This attunes the person to where they are going and the characteristics they possess to use to get there.  Over the afternoon we covered the key areas:

  • Understand Pain
    • What is pain?
    • The size of the problem of pain
    • CRPS criteria
  • Pain Coach
    • The practices that constitute a lived programme that interweaves into the person’s life, whilst they live their life as a means to overcoming pain — becoming a self coach and a self leader

The three main features of the workshops are simple and digestible:

  1. The model of success ~ how we can be successful
  2. Strengths based coaching ~ how to get the best of you
  3. The pinnacle of our knowledge of pain ~ understand pain to change pain

There is no reason why we can’t address pain, learn, transform, and have fun at the same time!

Here are some more comments:

What did people most enjoy?

  • “being in a space to acknowledge pain, guilt free”
  • “Richmond especially, extremely brilliant way with him”
  • “lovely delivery style”
  • “the way the workshop was presented”
  • “very enjoyable”
  • “good explanations. Simple to understand”
  • “very informative”
  • “I did not expect to be challenged as much as I am now following the workshop — positively”
  • “interactive nature of the event”

Come and join us next time!

Future events driving social change

For release in September ~ In conversation: Rich and Pete talk pain. A series of short videos focusing on the key areas of pain. See Pain Coach and Physiotherapist Richmond Stace + Pain Toolkit’s Pete Moore in relaxed conversation. My aim is to create a community so that we can drive social change via new thinking based on new understanding of pain and the action we must take as a society. This is just the beginning. Join us!


Understand Pain & Pain Coach Talk ~ Weds 4th October 2017 at The Royal Society of Medicine ~ click here to book

Understand Pain & Pain Coach Workshop for Clinicians and Therapists ~ Thursday 5th October 2017 in New Malden, Surrey ~ click here to book

UP & Pain Coach Workshop in the community

Understand pain tackling the global chronic pain crisis

Delivering knowledge, skills and know how to people in need

On Monday 31st July I will be working with CRPS UK to deliver a workshop for people suffering complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). This is the fundamental work of UP, to provide not only education but how to use the new knowledge effectively to get results.

CRPS UK charity for complex regional pain syndrome

Our focus is on change and moving onward by engaging in positive work. This is our work at UP as we seek to inspire, empower and enable individuals and society at large to live well and with meaning.

Human beings are incredible. We have such great potential. Our ability to learn, adapt, and transform ourselves means that we can decide to commit to the skills of well-being and reap the rewards. We are designed to change. We just need to decide upon the direction. What is your picture of success? What do you want your life to be like? These are the questions we pose in using a strengths based coaching approach to overcoming pain.

Pain Coach and Understand Pain Workshop

The workshop this month in Bath will be proactive, interactive and full of practices for the participants to take away and use with immediate effect.

To attend the FREE workshop, click here

What is Understand Pain all about?

The purpose of UP is to provide knowledge, skills and know-how to people who need to understand pain. With pain being the number one global health burden, this is a huge number of individuals in many different circumstances. We are not limiting ourselves at UP as we seek to grow quickly in order to reach across society and the globe to tackle this crisis. Our vision is a world where pain is understood and hence addressed effectively by individuals, society and healthcare.

We believe in the potential of this vast group of people across the world. They represent an incredible resource if only pain were understood, allowing for meaningful, fulfilling and useful living. Imagine the resources that would be available! The picture we see is society moving onwards, evolving and growing with a great sense of community.

UP delivers a range of workshops. To:

  • People suffering chronic and complex pain and their carers
  • Clinicians, therapists and allied heath professionals
  • Others who must understand pain as part of their professional role; e.g. medico-legal lawyers, policy makers, commissioners.
How does it work?

UP has different channels of provision. For each paid workshop we provide a workshop to a community or patient group. This means that those who are paying for their place or companies/organisations purchasing a workshop, are not only growing themselves but also society. This together with free places for the next generation of clinicians and therapists at each Pain Coach Workshop means we are building the knowledge and skills base together as a community.

Keep up to date by signing up to the Pain Physio Blog, the UP blog or sending me your email address to join the newsletter. The purpose of the blogs and newsletters is to advance our thinking as a society. As you will see if you sign up, overcoming pain is not by only focusing on treatment for pain, but by developing the skills of living and wellbeing. And the exciting thing about that, is that this is all about living well and performing our best. Do you want to be the best you? I know the answer to that! So join us and let’s understand pain and live life.