UP | Understand Pain is an awareness campaign highlighting the enormous global problem of chronic pain. It is estimated that 20% of people suffer chronic pain, including children.


One of the reasons why chronic pain is such an enormous problem is that it is misunderstood. Like any problem, to solve it requires understanding, hence UP | understand pain ~ understand pain to change pain.

The recent WHO Global Burden of Disease estimates revealed that in the top 20 leading causes of ‘years lost to disability’ (YLD), back and neck pain is No.2, migraine at No.10 and osteoarthritis at No.11. Unipolar depressive disorder is at No.1. The other conditions often include a degree of pain, illustrating the vast nature of the problem of pain. Put together, these figures tell is the pain is the number one global health burden.

cropped-screen-shot-2015-10-21-at-08-20-53.pngOur aims

  1. To raise awareness of the scale of this societal problem
  2. To change the way individuals and society thinks about pain
  3. To deliver the right messages about pain
  4. To secure funding for projects that provide the latest understanding of pain to those in need across the globe


  1. Development of this website into an amazing resource to deliver the right messages about pain ~ coming soon
  2. Events:
    • #upandsing ~ music events
    • #upandrun ~ runners in races across the UK — Richmond is running the London Marathon for UP and CRPS UK
  3. Speaking and writing about pain across media platforms to reach across the globe
  4. Projects including workshops for people in pain and training for clinicians and therapists
  5. Delivering the right information about pain to the people who need to know; i.e./ those suffering who do not have access
  6. Addressing the inequality in care delivery by giving access to all


Because there is so much suffering across the globe and there is something that we can do about it

We believe that any condition that is painful requires accurate and compassionate assessment and treatment based upon the latest understanding of pain. Within the treatment programme, it is vital that the person understands their pain and the influences so that they realise their potential for change and how to overcome their pain, resuming a meaningful life. Everyone has the right to this information.

Richmond Stace | Specialist Pain Physio & Pain Coach
Richmond Stace | Specialist Pain Physio & Pain Coach

The UP campaign was co-founded by Richmond Stace and Georgie Standage. We launched the campaign with a singing event at Heathrow Terminal 5 in March 2015 with over 700 Rock Choir members performing. It was amazing!

Georgie Standage
Georgie Standage

UP is the voice for people with persistent pain, using music and song to tell people that there is a way forward beginning with understanding pain and learning how to translate this into effective action for success.

If you are a pain sufferer, a clinician who works with people suffering persistent pain, a carer, a policy maker or a charity for a condition that is painful, we would love to hear from you: please email upandlivewell@gmail.com

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