Welcome to Understand Pain (UP)

Purpose: to (1) raise awareness of the global problem of chronic pain (2) help you understand and overcome your pain


There is great hope.

The blend of science and philosophy has resulted in many advances in how we think about pain and the practical solutions we can offer to those suffering.

At UP, we want to share this hope.

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Raising awareness

One of our aims is to raise the awareness of the global problem of chronic pain. Many people do not know the extent of the issue that affects so many people across society.

Co-founder of UP Richmond Stace runs ultramarathons to raise awareness of the problem of pain. Read here for more: upandrun

Understand Pain
Richmond Stace co-founder of Understand Pain running for #upandrun

Chronic pain is the one of the most pressing global health issues

understand pain to change pain

The size of the problem

The facts:

  • WHO Global Burden of Disease: in the top 20 leading causes of ‘years lost to disability’ (YLD)
    • Number 2: back and neck pain
    • Number 10: migraine
    • Number 11: osteoarthritis
    • Number 1: Unipolar depressive disorder is at No.1.
    • Consider all the other conditions that are painful: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic pain, endometriosis, inflammatory disorders etc.
  • Europe: up to €441 billion each year (SIP, 2017)
  • 100 million sufferers across Europe — in addition, think of families, friends and carers

The cost to the individual and his or her family are immeasurable in terms of suffering.

Many other conditions take the headlines, but pain is often the primary reason for seeking help. Think about how many conditions beyond the obvious back pain, neck pain and arthritic pain, include the experience of pain. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, rheumatological conditions, gastrointestinal conditions; it goes on and on. We can probably all think of someone who suffers on-going or persistent pain and the suffering it causes.

Understand pain across the globe

Our vision

A world where pain is understood so that people know they can overcome their suffering and focus on living well