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The background

We are pleased to offer a sponsorship opportunity for businesses or individuals who share our vision of improving lives and society.

People who suffer chronic pain have every aspect of their life affected by their suffering, becoming disconnected with what is important to them: family, friends, work, sports, activities and more. Chronic pain is one of the huge challenges we face in the modern day as it affects so many and costs society enormous sums of money. So many are suffering and we are all paying in one way or another. This must and can change, starting by understanding pain.

At Understand Pain (UP) our purpose is to make a positive impact in society by helping people understand pain, the No1 global health burden. Chronic pain affects millions of people worldwide for different reasons. The costs are enormous: €441bn per year in Europe (2017); and the suffering immeasurable.

The current knowledge about pain is far in advance of what is practiced in healthcare and society. There is a chasm between the two that UP aims to close.

Science, philosophy and research revealed the nature of pain as an experience of the whole person, influenced by many factors. The story continues to unfold. Our purpose is to distill the modern understanding of pain into practical ways that people can improve their lives. At the moment this is via the monthly UP workshops and writings, soon to be build upon with further workshops and online resources.

Sponsor a run and a workshop

For just £300 you can sponsor a run and a workshop. The #upandrun project is held monthly: an ultramarathon and a workshop. The money goes towards the costs of both, building the story and gradually reaching more people.

The ultrarunning is a way to raise awareness, flying the flag for UP. The workshops are a way to deliver practical knowledge and tools to people in need.

The benefits:

  • Association with a social enterprise that is tackling the No1 global health burden
  • Acknowledgement of your support
  • Social media coverage >> your handle tagged in all the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram posts for the chosen event/workshop
  • A dedicated blog detailing why you are supporting UP with photos and your logo
  • The option of sponsoring future events/workshops

If you are interested, please get in touch >> email us here