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Sanjay and Richmond
Richmond and Sanjay

UP Stories of courage and success

Understand Pain is built upon the stories of courage, determination, compassion and success that we see each day in ordinary people and how they go about their lives. One great example is Sanjay (see photo above). You can read his story here.

The UP stories page shares individuals’ insights into their own experiences and how they have transformed their lives. Some stories demonstrate what is possible and help illustrate some of the facts about pain. For example, pain and injury are poorly related.

The more the person understands pain and their pain, the more they will realise their potential to improve their life by filling it with meaning. The more we focus on pain and the area that hurts, the worse the outcome. The more we focus on the person, the life they want to live and the steps to take each day to get there, the better the outcomes.

I hope you enjoy the stories. See the drop down bar to choose and read. There are more to come.