Ultra marathons + workshops

The 2019 series so far…

  • Brighton Marathon
  • Isle of Wight Ultrachallenge 106K
  • London to Brighton Ultrachallenge 100k
  • Home to Hampton Court to The Thames Barrier 64k solo
  • Race to the Stones 100k in July
  • North Downs Way: Farnham to Betchworth 50k  solo
  • South Coast Challenge 100k (Sat 29th Aug)
  • Snowdonia Maverick Series September
  • North Downs Way loop 90k Wye to Wye October solo
  • an ultra and an UP workshop each month

(solo means the run was unsupported….you put on your pack and off you go, carrying whatever you need to keep going; fuel and water)

#upandrun is the UP (Understand Pain) project that combines ultra running with workshops. The purpose is twofold:

  1. ultra runs to raise awareness of the problem of pain ~ the No1. global health burden
  2. UP workshops to help people understand their pain and move on to live fulfilling lives: practical knowledge and skills that make a difference.

UP exists to improve lives and society

Snowdonia 2019


Running casually for many years, it was in 2015 that I started to take it a bit more seriously. The opportunity to run a half marathon arose in 2016 when I was offered places in the Royal Parks Half for UP. Soon after I ran the London Marathon for UP and CRPS UK, fully intending to resume casual running. However, something happened that meant not only did I not stop, but I became increasingly curious about how far I could run. I was strangely attracted to the idea of ultra running despite not having much of an inkling, except that it meant running a long way.

Having completed 8 ultras since May 2019 (we are now in October 2019), I am now fully immersed. It is what I now do, and will continue for as long as I enjoy it.

The classic question is why? People often ask

Running started as a means of exercising. Now it is a means of living well by learning about myself and the world. It is a form of meditation by foot. But the main driver is purpose. I have made running a way of fulfilling my purpose, and that of UP: to improve lives and society.

UP Workshops

The UP Workshops are the face to face moments in society — getting out there and talking to as many people as possible. The reason this is important? Simply put, the gap between what is truly known about pain scientifically and academically and what society thinks about pain, is too far apart. UP seeks to draw this together, reaching out in person and via the website, delivering the right messages so that people can improve their lives. This is the bottom line: improving lives and improving society; less suffering and more living.

** Look out for UP workshop dates and contact us if you would like to organise your own workshop (richmond@specialistpainphysio.com)

Running + UP = #upandrun

UP ambassador

UP Ambassador Chris Peskett
Chris Peskett

Seeking sponsorship and partners

To help us build the story and reach as many people as we can across the UK and further (the globe!), we want to partner up with like-minded businesses and organisations who share our vision of improving society and people’s lives. If you are interested in talking to us, please get in touch: richmond@specialistpainphysio.com

There are three main areas:

  • Can you provide sponsorship for:
    • The runs (including entry, travel, accommodation)
    • Kit
    • Workshops (including travel, room hire).
  • Can you help by supplying running apparel and kit?
  • Can you help us gain more media exposure?

By sponsoring and partnering your contribution is an important part of the growing story. The exposure that we gain will be yours to gain as we work together to make a social impact upon the No1 global health burden that is pain.

Big thanks to existing sponsors




Thanks to Pursu for sponsoring the ultramarathons, delivering my nutrition with the delicious bars!

Thanks to Fancy Running who have provided me with the Trail Life shirts:

SPP-LOGO copy 3

Specialist Pain Physio Clinics

A proportion of the fees paid by clients to the clinic goes into the #upandrun project so that we can build and improve as many lives as possible across the globe.