Understand Pain
Richmond Stace co-founder of UP running for upandrun

upandrun: to raise the awareness of the global problem of pain and what we CAN do…

…plus, encouraging you to be active in nature to gain the healthy benefits

Ultrarunning is my laboratory to investigate myself, pain, the embodied mind, nature and how they interact. The tools and practices that I learn and use to keep going and overcome the tough moments are those that can equally be applied in day to day life.

Having completed an ultra a month for two years, I decided to take it easy. I have my own story of injuries and pain that needed attention and a change of approach. 

I got myself a coach — and who better than GB ultrarunner, Damian Hall. This has made a world of difference and brought the joy back. I am a happy runner again!

Coming up next month is the Ring O’ Fire. A 135 mile jaunt around the coastal path of Anglesey over 3 days. 

Being active in nature

You can do this in your own way. 

upandrun means getting up and running with whatever you can do. You certainly don’t have to run! But trying to be a little more active each day creates possibility and opportunity. 

If you are suffering chronic pain, you may wish to seek advice to find out how you can be more active and build your confidence.

Be clear on what you want to do: what’s your picture of success?

Have a good reason for doing it — why does it matter to you?

Then you can discover the know how with a trusted advisor and take the first step. 

Nature is all around us. You may live near a park, a river, the sea, the woods or have your own garden. But it can be a tree, a piece of grass, or a window box if you are in a city. 

Beyond that, looking at photos and imagery also work. Just thinking about being somewhere in nature that you know and love has a beneficial effect!

What decision can you make now to be a little more active in nature?


Richmond’s ultramarathons

2022 series

  • Ring O’ Fire ~ Sept

2021 series

  • South Downs Way ~ Sept (DNF)
  • Ultra X ~ May (DNF)
  • Green & Blue Sussex ~ Mar
  • Sights of Sussex ~ Feb
  • Lewes-Newhaven-Brighton ~ Jan

2020 series

  • Christmas in London ~ Dec
  • Double header Pt 2 ~ Saturday: North Downs Guildford to Oxted ~ Nov
  • Double header Pt 1 — Friday: South Downs to Arundel ~ Nov
  • Birthday ultra: South Downs and on to Hastings ~ Oct
  • North Wales Coastline ~ Sept
  • Home to Guildford and back ~ Aug
  • Sussex to Surrey ~ July
  • To Tower Bridge and back ~ June
  • The 3 Parks ~ May
  • Round the block for the NHS ~ raising money for Kingston Hospital; read here ~ Apr
  • Table Mountain, South Africa ~ Mar
  • Gloucester to Bath ~ unsupported 90k Feb
  • The London Round ~ 12 summits of the capital 80K Jan

2019 series

  • Brighton Marathon
  • Isle of Wight Ultrachallenge 106K
  • London to Brighton Ultrachallenge 100k
  • Home to Hampton Court to The Thames Barrier 64k
  • Race to the Stones 100k in July
  • North Downs Way: Farnham to Betchworth 50k
  • South Coast Challenge 100k (Sat 29th Aug)
  • Snowdonia Maverick Series September
  • North Downs Way loop 90k Wye to Wye October
  • South Downs trails 50k November
  • Hampton Court to Henley on Thames 76K December
Snowdonia 2019


Running casually for many years, it was in 2015 that I started to take it a bit more seriously. The opportunity to run a half marathon arose in 2016 when I was offered places in the Royal Parks Half for UP. Soon after I ran the London Marathon for UP and CRPS UK, fully intending to resume casual running. However, something happened that meant not only did I not stop, but I became increasingly curious about how far I could run. I was strangely attracted to the idea of ultra running despite not having much of an inkling, except that it meant running a long way.

Now running is just part of what I do, for which I am truly grateful. There are many reasons why I run. But in terms of a purpose or cause, UP is a great driver and motivator.

Running + UP = upandrun