The Encourager

New newsletter for encouragers on 13th October

Who encourages the encouragers?

Who cares for the carers?

The newsletter is for people who encourage others as a matter of character, approach to life and occupation.

Coaches, teachers, parents, leaders, managers, healthcare professionals can all be encouragers. It is a way of being.

Everyone benefits

That’s the beauty of encouragement.

The person encouraged benefits — how does it feel when you are heard, seen and encouraged?

The encourager benefits — helping others is a healthy practice.

From here comes the ripple effect. The encouraged and the encouragers actions ripple out as the positive energy created by the initial interaction is passed on and on.

Starting the day by encouraging someone could be the best thing you can do!

October 13th

Sign up here for The Encourager to land in your inbox.

It would be great to have you in the community. R


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