Finding purpose

The moment I realised my purpose was a WOW!

It took lots of thinking and talking to people. Years worth!

And experiences to reflect upon.

Then we need words to think it and share it.

You’ll know when it comes — it can be at anytime when you are doing the work.

It is like rocket fuel!

What do you love doing?

This is often at the heart of it.

Think about times you are in flow.

You are immersed in what you are doing without any sense of self.

You are performing, energised, playing to your strengths and time passes by without notice.

You see patterns and respond naturally without thought.

What is it that you love doing?

If you can, make your purpose what you do

Living your purpose each day brings great personal rewards and health.

Through your giving, sharing and compassion for others.

What you do helps to shape your purpose too — a circular causality.

Alan Wick, business coach, once said to me: sharpen your arrow.

I have been doing this for some years and it continues.

Make your message clear — to yourself and others.

What did I discover?

Through lots of talking to encouragers, especially Mike Pegg, reading, noting, and thinking, it came to me.

It is very straightforward. Simple language.

The words used often by Mike that have rubbed off.

I feel at my best when pursuing this purpose.

I love helping people shape positive futures.

In particular, people who have been suffering persistent pain.

I was encouraged and guided to find my purpose. Now I love to help other people find theirs.

That’s it.

I am here to help.


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