Ring O’ Fire Ultra

A trot around Anglesey for upandrun.

September 2-4.

135 miles, a lot of coast, a couple of hard floors and an adventure.

This is my yearly ultra, flying the flag for Understand Pain as ever.

But I also want to encourage others to be active and try things. Especially in nature, whilst looking after it.

To that end, I have joined The Green Runners: runners creating change.

Set up by ultrarunner Damian Hall & Dan Lawson from Rerun.

Here is what they say: “We are a community-based group of runners focused on helping make the world around us a better place. We are looking for Runners from around the world that want to make personal changes to help our planet. We have created some pillars/pledges to help you make the right choices that we all need to strive for if we are going to make a difference.”

Check them out and join up. Get a badge and sew it on your kit.

Here is my pledge.

And one of my badges.

Do you want to help upandrun?

You can by doing the following:

  • Learn about pain by watching the videos and listening to the podcasts
  • Grab my book when it comes out
  • Share the messages that we put out
  • Follow on Instagram and like the posts: upandrun1 for running stuff & paincoach for understanding pain stuff
  • Point people in our direction

Back to the training for ROF, it’s going well.

A few more long runs and then tapering.

It’ll come around soon enough.



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