Chris Peskett: #upandrun UP Ambassador

Chris Peskett aka ‘Peck’

Introducing UP’s first ambassador

Chris aka ‘Peck’ is a very old friend. Old in that we have known each other since 7 yrs, not that he is old. We navigated our formative years together through two schools and came out the other side. I recall Peck being a runner from an early age, including if I am not mistaken, running home after nights out… .

Moving on.

#upandrun is a project from Understand Pain (UP) that blends running with UP workshops. The running is a way of raising awareness of the No1 global health burden that is chronic pain. The UP workshops deliver practical knowledge and skills to people suffering chronic pain so that they can understand and move on to live fulfilling lives. The vision is to reach as far as we can across the globe. And it all started with a few simple steps… . This includes online versions of the workshops that I am working on at the moment.

Here are some questions I asked Peck:

1. Why do you run? 

Because I cant stop, but before that it was because I enjoy being fitter / faster / stronger than I used to be. Not that I’m worried about getting old but I do enjoy the feeling of improvement.

2. What got you into running? 

I’d always played sport and the list of sports you can play at 45 is not that extensive!

3. How long have you been running? 

5 years. 3 years “seriously”

4. Where has been your favourite run? 

Monte Amoro in Abruzzo mountains, Italy.

5. What do you do for a day job? 

I own a Property Business ~ Apparent Properties

6. What’s the worst thing that has happened whilst you’ve been out running? 

One or two disasters involving lack of toilets

7. What is your favourite piece of kit? 

My Fenix 5

8. What strategies do you use for the tough, painful moments out on a run?  

There are no strategies.

9. Who inspires you to run? 

A couple of the local boys at Barnes Runners.

10. If it was proven that running was really bad for you, would you stop? 

I doubt it.

Bonus: why did you agree to be an UP ambassador? 

Because I don’t shout about running 100 miles  I thought I might as well use it to get some attention for a worthy cause.

Peck, Wilson & Stace on a run

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