UP Workshops

Empowering, Encouraging & Enabling

UP Workshops

The Understand Pain workshops empower, encourage and enable by helping you understand your pain and know how you can move on to live a fulfilling life.

“…the workshop helped me take the next leap. Anyone who is struggling with pain would benefit so much from getting a better understanding – instead of taking numerous drugs, which is the immediate answer but not the long term solution (even though I still take some) – I really believe that Understand Pain should be part of something like the NHS Pain Clinics, I’m sure it would cost an awful lot less than it currently does !!! Thanks again really useful session.”

UP workshops

The focus is upon improving your life

  1. Understand your pain
  2. Clarify your picture of success
  3. Learn how to deal with challenging moments
  4. Build wellness and take steps each day towards your picture of success

What is your picture of success?

What are the real results that you want?

Clarifying where you want to go gives you direction and a reference point each day so that you can make your next best decision.

What is your best choice now? This could be a movement, an exercise, going outside, breathing, a refresh break, grooving a sleep routine, connecting with someone important to you or choosing from the many, many other practices that help you to move from a biology of protect and survive felt as pain and suffering, to  a biology and experience of thrive and wellness.

Co-founder of UP, Richmond Stace, uses a blend of pain science and strengths-based coaching to tap into your potential. Richmond pioneered The Pain Coach Programme as a way for people to understand their pain and move on to living a fulfilling life. Whilst pain relief is always an aim, one of the most effective ways of living your best life is by building wellness. Wellness is our greatest buffer to life’s challenges. When we feel well, we can face the inevitable ups and downs that life presents for us, and there are now the known skills of being well that we can all practice. This on a background of truly understanding your pain is a potent force to improve your life.

Learn how you can move on…

This workshop does not replace your existing treatment programme, instead sitting alongside what you are already doing, but very much focusing on how you can improve your life, considering all your circumstances.

Workshops are free, however we do welcome donations so that we can build and develop our work.


The UP workshops are part of the #upandrun project from Understand Pain. The project is a combination of Richmond running ultramarathons to raise awareness, and UP workshops to deliver the right messages into the heart of society.

Richmond finishes London to Brighton Ultrachallenge
Richmond at the finish line of London to Brighton ultra

Other UP Workshops

Richmond runs UP workshops for clinicians, clinics, businesses and other organisations that need to understand pain. This could be a charity that works for a particular condition that is painful (e.g./ cancer, arthritis) or a law firm that has medicolegal clients who suffer the consequences of injury.

Please contact us for further details of how we can help you to truly understand pain and help your clients to improve their lives.

You can email richmond@specialistpainphysio.com or call Jo on 07518 445493