What’s next for UP?

singforpainAfter today’s huge success once again, we know that we are on the right path. The support from the members of Rock Choir and the public was incredible, demonstrating that people recognise the scale of the problem. They also acknowledged that the situation is changeable, and we will certainly be driving this change with both our messages at events and with the Pain Coach seminars. Pain Coach is an approach to persisting pain that incorporates the latest pain sciences, the latest thinking in pain and strengths based coaching for successfully overcoming pain and resuming a meaningful life — watch out for the dates. This is all about the individual understanding their pain and knowing what action to take at any given moment to take them towards the life they envision.

singforpainHere are our immediate objectives that we are now working upon:

  • Achieving charity status
  • Pain Coach seminars for people suffering persisting pain and their carers
  • Pain Coach seminars for clinicians and others who need to understand pain (e.g. lawyers, human resources, occupational health, managers within business)
  • The next events that will always include music and song; simply because it makes us feel great!!

Party time with upandsingOur aim is to develop and mature UP, widening our net gradually as we support and educate society about pain and how we can go about changing and overcoming pain. If you would like to help us grow, please do get in touch: upandsing@gmail.com

We will announce Pain Coach dates and the next event very soon. Please tell your friends and colleagues about us and ask them to join our journey — a fun way of delivering a serious message and taking definite action.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

What a day!

upandsingWe had a fantastic day at T5 London Heathrow today with around 800 Rock Choir members singing out for UP. There were some memorable moments as favourite songs were performed to passengers and staff as they walked through the corridor of melody between the opposing choirs, including a rugby team and a school tour, both of whom joined the spirit of the occasion. Here are some clips from the today: