Pain Points


The Pain Points Series ~ what is pain?

#upandrun 2019 is raising awareness of the problem of pain via a series of marathons and ultramarathons. Further, UP’s purpose is to share the facts about pain as we know them right now. There is a huge difference between what is known by science and what is known in society. UP seeks to close the gap.

Below are links to recent blogs written by Richmond, ‘The Pain Points’ so that you can begin understanding your pain. This is the first step to feeling safer and in control so that you can use a range of skills and practices to move on to living a fulfilling life.

Pain Points

Pain is what the person says it is >>

Pain and injury are not the same >>

Pain is whole person >>

Pain is a need state >>

Pain can and does change >> 

There is no quick fix. Overcoming pain requires understanding and training >>

Look out for the monthly UP workshops >> come and learn about your pain and what you can do to start improving your life