Further ultramarathon tips

Further ultramarathon tips…

Having chatted to my old pal who is a far more experienced runner than I, here are some of the things we spoke about.

Eat before you get hungry

Otherwise it’s too late. Most ultras have rest stops packed with food and drink choices. Early on you may not feel hungry, but eat anyway to stock up for later on when you need the energy.

Pursu nutrition

What should I eat? Listen to your body

This is one day when you don’t have to worry about what you are eating (if you do normally). So when you are faced with a table of fruit, sweets, flapjacks, cookies, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and the rest, what grabs you? Go for it!

Pic N Mix table on the IOW Challenge

Don’t stop for too long

Making a judgement about stopping at the rest stations means considering what fuel and drink you need, stretches that help nourish areas working hard and repetitively and not resting too long. The last point is important because if you are like me, I stiffen fairly quickly meaning it is hard to get going again.

There’s no definite approach, so you must find your own. In that sense, each run is a voyage of discovery! And no run is ever the same so we can only draw loose conclusions anyway.

If you are running and someone walks past, start walking

Sometimes it feels like we are moving along nicely but our perception is different from reality. In particular, on your way up a hill, if others are walking at the same pace or quicker than your run or jog, then save energy and join them.

May 25th London to Brighton 100k ultrachallenge

Tomorrow I will be running from Richmond to Brighton for UP as part of the #upandrun 2019 series for Understand Pain. This week I held an UP workshop at The Groves Medical Centre for people who want to understand pain and know how to move onto live a fulfilling life. There will be future workshops that will be publicised on the website and social media.

Sponsorship and partnering opportunities

We are seeking sponsors and partners for #upandrun to share in the story of improving lives and society. If you are interested, please get in touch: richmond@specialistpainphysio.com

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