Walthamstow Garden Party

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 07.50.13

Music, dance, food, fun!

Today I will be at the Walthamstow Garden Party, which is a little more than just a garden party! Take a look at all the events. It’s an incredible day of great entertainment and delicious food!

Come and find me in the Health Zone if you have questions about pain or the work I am doing to tackle the global pain crisis with UP.

I am there all day to talk and talk and talk! So, if you suffer pain, treat pain, have to decide upon policy, want to know about the latest thinking in pain science, are interested to partner with UP, set up workshops at your practice, come and see me.

Some useful links:

When you come along, take pics and use the hashtag #UPparty so that we can gain even more momentum with our work to change pain.

In Europe alone, chronic pain costs up to €441 billion each year, affecting at least 100 million people. This can and must change, this being our purpose at UP.


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