Societal Impact of Pain 2017

Valletta panorama, Malta
Valletta Panorama: Andrey Danilovich

Societal Impact of Pain 2017 Meeting, Malta

The working group topics to be discussed:

  1. Pain as a quality indicator for health systems
  2. Building platforms to address the societal impact of pain
  3. Impact of pain on labour and employment
  4. Challenges, models and lighthouses in pain policy
  5. Evolving concepts in the definition of chronic pain: a dynamic process

I will be attending this symposium to take the opportunity to meet and talk to clinicians, policy makers and others who want to address the social issue that is chronic pain.

Regular readers will be aware that one of the first steps for UP as a social enterprise is to relaunch this website as a practical resource. This work is well under way. UP will the reach across the globe, connecting with people and clinicians who are seeking to be involved. There is great urgency in the need to tackle the problem of pain, not just for the current times but the next generations. We simply have to create new thinking that permeates across society. At UP we will be supporting the next generation of clinicians and healthcare professionals in various ways including sponsoring attendance at Pain Coach Workshops. UP also has plans afoot for the youth who we feel need to understand pain as a simple skill of well-being.

My hope is that I will connect and have discussions with like-minded and determined individuals who seek to drive change. If you are attending SIP and would like to meet for a conversation, please contact me here or via the form below.

Updates and news will be posted here, including during the SIP symposium.


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