Keeping #upandrun going after The Royal Parks 1/2 marathon, I joined 1000-odd runners in Bushy Park yesterday in the parkrun. For those who have not heard of the parkrun, there are hundreds of these each week across the country and around the world. I for one am hugely impressed by the size of this phenomena. What a brilliant idea to get people enjoying being active each week.unnamed

There is no cost, except your own energy! You simply register here, follow the instructions, get to your local parkrun destination and go for it! Easy! With your barcode, you are timed so you can chart your progress, chasing the PB! Get the lingo! (It means personal best but you HAVE to say ‘PB’ in the running fraternity).

Naturally I was sporting the #upandrun kit as I always will when out running. Raising awareness is a key part of our work at UP as we inform society about the scale of the problem of pain in terms of personal suffering and economic cost. Most people don’t realise that pain is such a global health burden.

Viewing chronic pain as a public health issue, at UP we are seeking to develop society’s understanding and hence shift thinking to drive actions that change this problem individually and globally. This means that people understand their pain and know what they can do, and that healthcare and policy makers understand pain so that the right processes can be put into place.

So, if you fancy running for UP, wherever you are in the UK or abroad, let us know and we can arrange a running shirt. Within reason we will also pay for your running place. In return we aim to gain maximum exposure and to fundraise to support our work, website and research. Contact us for more information:


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