UP for Hyde Park half marathon

On 9th October an UP team will be running the Hyde Park half marathon, raising awareness for the understand pain campaign. Following three successful singing events at Heathrow, we are moving forward by applying to become a charity. This will create a structure that enables us to fundraise so that we can support our work in delivering the right messages about pain, empowering individuals and educating health professionals globally.

The overarching aim of UP is to reduce the suffering endured by millions across the globe. A shift in thinking so that pain is understood will enable change in the right direction, whereby we live in a world where pain is not feared but instead addressed in the right way. This means we use the right language and communication with people, focus on their needs, listen to their story, respect their experience and create a way forward with the person. Not only does UP promote change in the right direction by understanding pain, but also how we can go about this in a compassionate fashion.

Here are our immediate plans:

  1. to create a brilliant website full of high quality content that will help individuals and society to understand pain and what can be done.
  2. to promote individual’s understanding of their pain and what influences their pain so that they can be empowered to overcome their problems and lead a meaningful life.
  3. to raise money to support a research project that will further our understanding of pain so that treatment can improve.

Much more to come!

The team are really looking forward to the half marathon, which will be a lot of fun. I think that there maybe a few surprises in the crowd to look out for and a few competitions on the day. Keep following us and share with friends, colleagues and family. We need your support so that we can spread the word and reach as far and as widely as we can!

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