#upandsing T5 Heathrow Sat 25th June

Tomorrow is the 3rd #upandsing event at London Heathrow T5, so if you are working or passing through, come and see the show! There will be hundreds of singers once again, entertaining the passengers and staff at Terminal 5 from 1030 in the morning until 4pm. It’s a marathon sing song! And what better way to be uplifted than with music and singing.

The last two events in 2015 were both great fun days as well as opportunities to deliver the UP | understand pain messages. Chronic pain is one of the largest health burdens. The personal suffering and cost to society is enormous, yet many people do not realise this fact. Recent figures suggest over 40% of the population suffer pain beyond 3 months, a timeline that is deemed to be chronic. Whilst there is much more to it than a timeline, this figure demonstrates the enormity of the issue that needs addressing urgently.

One of the main contributing factors to this vast problem is the misunderstanding of pain in society. The UP campaign seeks to address this aspect by providing the latest information and thinking about pain. One of the reasons for raising money is to develop this website into a great resource for people across the world to access freely and learn both about pain but also what they can do to change their pain. Further, we are in the process of designing the best structure to apply for charity status so that we can fundraise to support important research and studies into pain so that understanding and treatment continues to advance.

Pain touches so many people across society. Pain is indiscriminate. It does not receive the attention or funding in proportion to the scale of the issue. So many conditions involve painful experiences and so many people experience pain without any serious condition, together making for the seismic impact that it has across the globe.

Please share and spread the word! Follow us on twitter @upandsing and see us on Facebook (a new page has been created today!). You will see picture and videos uploaded from tomorrow’s event, so you can share these with friends and colleagues, knowing that pain can and does change when you understand it and know what you can do.

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