CRPS UK Conference November 2015

CRPS UK Conference 2015
CRPS UK Conference 2015

Here’s a quick reminder about the CRPS UK Conference that is coming up on 14th November in Bath, when there will be some fascinating talks from leaders in the field — see the flyer for details and booking.

I will be discussing practical elements of blending pain science and philosophical thought within a coaching model, a concept that I term ‘Pain Coach’, accompanied by Georgie from UP and Jo Moffitt who will both be sharing their experiences of CRPS. Our session aims to show you how we can go about changing pain and resuming a meaningful life with the right thinking and action, based on understanding pain.

The CRPS UK conference will be on the back of our next UP event, which is on Saturday at T5 London Heathrow, where an even bigger choir will be singing out all day to raise awareness of the problem of pain. We will be filming the event and putting out the footage so that you can enjoy the music — music being such an uplifter.

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