#upandrun trucker hats

trucker hat
#upandrun trucker hats

Join the #upandrun vibe by wearing your own UP trucker hat!

#upandrun is the ultramarathon running project for Understand Pain, raising awareness of the problem of pain — one if the biggest global health burdens.

Richmond Stace, co-founder of UP, has been running an ultra a month having been bitten by the running bug….

Richmond Stace co-founder of UP running for #upandrun

Running ultras requires kit and certain attire. The trucker hat has become part of the essentials, and now you can have your own! But it’s not just for ultrarunners. This is a hat that says ‘I am active’, and ‘I get out there and do my thing’.

Do your thing!

Email us to get your hat for £20 that goes to support our work at UP