Pain Talking

Welcome to Pain Talking

Below is a selection of podcasts and videos of Richmond, The Pain Coach, talking about pain and moving on to live a fulfilling life.

Talking to Dan Abrahams on the Sports Psych Podcast (Sept 2019)

Dan says, “In this episode, I speak with pain physiotherapist and pain coach Richmond Stace. Richmond became interested in the area of pain while working as a nurse in his younger years. He went on to obtain a rehabilitation and science degree, a physiotherapy degree and a Masters in pain science at King’s College London. He then jointly set up Understand Pain – a social enterprise that aims to help society have a greater understanding of pain and what can be done to improve our lives.”

Talking Touch at the DisruptHR London event (Sept 2019)

20 rolling slides, 15 seconds a slide…..ready, go!

Understanding pain as success ~ Success id podcast

Interviewed by Dr Glenn P Wallis: “We have all experienced pain in its many forms: Physical, mental and emotional. What we are often less good at is truly acknowledging the pain for what it is and then understanding how we can best act upon it. In this episode, expert in the science and understanding of Pain, Richmond Stace and I discuss why being able to recognise, appreciate and manage pain is such an important aspect in order to help you lead your Self and others even more successfully.

Richmond explores the importance of mindfulness in relation to pain and our responses to it; the connectedness between physical, mental and emotional pain and what leaders can do to help themselves and others perform better by understanding pain more fully.”

Richmond talking at the DisruptHR Edinburgh event

This is an exciting and challenging way to deliver a message: 5 minutes, 20 rolling slides out of your control. On this occasion I am talking about the cost of pain to business.

Richmond talking to Jeff Weigh on the Imperfect Balance Podcast

In Jeff’s words: ‘On this episode I interview Richmond Stace the Pain Coach and one of the co-founders behind Understand Pain. Richmond is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in treating and coaching people to manage and overcome their pain. His purpose is to improve the world by reducing the suffering caused by chronic pain, measured by people living their best lives. His vision is a world that understands pain, which would mean less suffering and more living.’