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“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


2019 #upandrun series for UP Understand Pain started with the Brighton Marathon, then Richmond ran the Isle of Wight Challenge 106k on 4/5 May. Next UP is London to Brighton 100k on May 25th and then Race to the Stones 100k in July. This is to raise awareness of the problem of pain, the No1 global health burden.

Read here & see the blog for the Pain Points series starting here

Race to the Stones 100k Ultramarathon

Chronic pain is the No.1 global health burden

UP exists to inspire, empower & enable society

understand pain to change pain

The size of the problem

Current figures tell is the pain is the number one global health burden

The facts:

  • WHO Global Burden of Disease: in the top 20 leading causes of ‘years lost to disability’ (YLD)
    • Number 2: back and neck pain
    • Number 10: migraine
    • Number 11: osteoarthritis
    • Number 1: Unipolar depressive disorder is at No.1.
    • Consider all the other conditions that are painful: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic pain, endometriosis, inflammatory disorders etc.
  • Europe: up to €441 billion each year (SIP, 2017)
  • 100 million sufferers across Europe — in addition, think of families, friends and carers

The costs mount when you consider the expense of treatments, many of which are unproven or ineffective, investigations, may of which are unnecessary, and loss of productivity. The cost to the individual and his or her family are immeasurable in terms of suffering. This is a public health issue, not a medical issue.

Many other conditions take the headlines, but pain is often the primary reason for seeking help. Think about how many conditions beyond the obvious back pain, neck pain and arthritic pain, include the experience of pain. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, rheumatological conditions, gastrointestinal conditions; it goes on and on. We can probably all think of someone who suffers on-going or persistent pain and the suffering it causes.

Understand pain across the globe

Our vision

A world where pain is understood so that people know they can overcome their suffering and focus on living well


  1. Raising awareness of the problem of pain
  2. Delivering the right messages about pain, drawing on the latest science and understanding
  3. Free talks and workshops for people suffering chronic pain
  4. Website resource

Pain Coach and Understand Pain Workshop


Because there is so much suffering across the globe and there is something that we can and must do about it.

We believe that any condition that is painful requires accurate and compassionate assessment and treatment based upon the latest understanding of pain. Within the treatment programme, it is vital that the person understands their pain and the influences so that they realise their potential for change and how to overcome their pain, resuming a meaningful life. Everyone has the right to this information.

~ be inspired to live well

Each person has incredible resources and potential. We are designed to change, to learn and to grow. Tapping into our natural abilities creates the right conditions and the opportunity to move forwards in a desired direction. Understanding pain creates the platform from where the individual can use a range of practices to focus on living well and overcoming their pain.

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