#upandrun 9 and #thewayoftherunner

#upandrun 9 in November

#upandrun No9 took place this week. I chose two trails on the South Downs that totalled thirty miles; a form of staging. Both were circular.

This was off the back of a weekend away on #thewayoftherunner running and writing retreat with Adharanand Finn and Richard Askwith. They are both runners and writers, responsible for a number of excellent books on the former. Finn penned the recent and popular Rise of the Ultrarunners, and Askwith the fell running classic, Feet in the Clouds.

Adharanand & Richmond

Richard & Richmond near Heytor, Dartmoor

We gathered near Totnes in Devon at a holiday house on the Sharpham Estate, with dual hot tubs outside on the deck. The taxi driver who dropped me was most surprised to see a full, steaming circular bath full of people as we pulled up. He quickly reversed, and I don’t think he believed me when I said that it was a running and writing retreat.

It was a super weekend. The group gelled as we shared our stories, reasons for signing up and our dreams. Adharanand and Richard set a tone of openness, humility and clarity that enabled authenticity. Naturally I cannot speak for the others, but this is how it felt. Through this we were treated to passionate, amusing, hilarious, ridiculous, descriptive writing, some in the form of a game and some in prose. People we had left at home may have thought we were on a jolly, but this was hard work. It just so happens that both the running and writing are passions.

On running

We wound our way up and down trails, through woods, along paths, hopping from rock to rock, through gates, over stiles, under the sun, through the rain, in the shadows, in wide open spaces, along the river, skipping through streams, sliding down narrow muddy routes, sploshing and squelching, flying and skipping, trudging and striding we went. Most of all though, we were together, sharing our own experiences as one.

The running was fun. However, it was the writing workshops that created the opportunity for openness and vulnerability. That’s when you get to know someone at a deeper level. Each person brought themselves, cultivating a unique blend of thoughts feelings, emotions, insights; all embodied.

Down! On Dartmoor

The next UP Workshop is on November 20th at The Groves Medical Centre; free tickets here.

If you would like to hots an UP workshop for clinicians who want an introduction to Pain Coaching or for people suffering persistent pain to learn how they can improve their life, please contact me: richmond@specialistpainphysio.com

Look out for #upandrun 10 in December — it could be in your area!

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